Locations where HELP Foundation is sponsoring children in India

HELP Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that raises funds to sponsor abandoned and orphaned children in India. The purpose of the HELP Foundation is to undertake or support programs dealing with the education, vocational training, foster care of orphaned or destitute children.
100% of your donation will go to the children, as there is ZERO OVERHEAD. The cost for one child to stay in the school for one year is $360.

HELP Foundation has grown from its first 10 children in 1994 to helping more than 500 children in six facilities across India. These facilities are located at:

  1. Aarati for Girls (Kadapa)
  2. Balgram SAMPARC (near Pune, Maharashtra) and Rajasthan
  3. Chinmayaranyam (affiliated with Chinmaya Mission and located 30 miles from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh).
  4. Prasanna Jyothi (Bengaluru)
  5. Sarada Sakthi Peetham (Thambaram near Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
  6. Sevalaya (near Thiruvallur, Chennai)
  7. The Lovedale Foundation (near Bangalore, Karnataka)
  8. Tribal Educational Rural Development Society (TERDS, Araku, Vizag, AP)
  9. Valmiki Foundation (Hyderabad)

Today these children have productive lives - they have a shelter, they go to school, and they have three square meals a day. Most of all, you have provided them with a hope to live. While the children in these orphanages are being cared for, there are many more children who would need our support. Please consider sponsoring a child.