May 2020 The HELP Foundation organized a very successful online concert during this pandemic. We had performances which included singing, dancing and playing instruments. We had special performances from Dr Anjali Nandekar, Bhavani Ji, Vandana Ji and Haard Mehta. We had astonishingly great results! We thought we would raise enough money to support a child for a year but we raised enough to support 12 kids! We thought we would do a 2-hour program. Instead, we ended up doing a 5-hour program! We thought we would have 20 performances, instead, we had about 50! People were interested to watch and perform until the very end and even stayed to hear from all the speeches. We thank all the organizers, performers, donors and audience! We look forward to many more such events!

Sept. 2015

Nov. 2013, Aditya K says "I was first introduced to Help Foundation when I went to the Walkathon with my friends a couple years ago. The following year I collected around $300, so I could earn volunteer hours. I enjoyed the food and the walk with the people I met there. After participating in the Walkathon, a couple of times, I saw everyone's dedication and I appreciated what the organization was really trying to achieve. So I was inspired to do one thing: make an effort. Once I tried to work for the cause and started asking people for donations, I was able to collect double the amount last year to the previous year. This year I started much earlier before the Walkathon, and I collected nearly $1600 by walking door to door in my neighborhood. I handed them a flyer about HELP foundation that I made and spoke more about it. I called friends and even took the flyer to my school. I came across different people who gave very different amounts. Not everybody donated, but I did not give up. I was happy about one thing,that I was working for a cause. I was not as much motivated by the volunteer hours or by having fun at the Walkathon, as much as by the fact that my efforts could and would assist others and maybe even change their lives tremendously."

Rena Tekchandani has been a volunteer for a long time., "Every year before the annual walkathon, I get my friends and family to sponsor me for the Foundation. Every time I am sponsored, I feel that I have done something to help someone else, and that whatever I collect is going straight to those who need it the most. During the walkathon, Madhavi Auntie gives me the volunteer award and I feel something that goes beyond any material gift. It's a feeling of helping out just because you want to, and not for some ulterior motive," she says.

Ajay Mani has been a volunteer since he was 10 years old."I realize how fortunate I am for what I have. I believe that the children in India and around the world deserve the same opportunities. God did not place them in this world to starve, be less educated, and be homeless. I am so happy to be involved with the HELP Foundation. Why do I feel this way? Because, with a different stroke of luck, any one of us could have been one of the needy children we are helping from here. The Foundation has brought me an opportunity to help such children out. It has been an honor to provide help for these children now and forever," says Amit.

Sadhana Subramanian's parents have been sponsors for several years. Sadhana, a long-time volunteer, says, "I help out by distributing flyers, entering information into the database, and recruiting other volunteers. As I got older, I felt like I needed to go the extra mile, so I decided to dedicate my Arangetram, a solo 3-hour dance debut, to HELP Foundation. I collected enough money to sponsor a child for life just by doing what I loved. I was thrilled with the feeling that I had made a difference in someone else's life."