The Orphanage at Sarada Sakthi Peetham, Thambaram, Chennai, India

Sarada Sakthi Peetham is located in small village, Old Perangalathur, near Thambaram about 20 miles from Madras. This orphanage is initiated by Swami Sarvathmananda, who is ordained in Rama Krishna Mission, and is currently managed by Raja Packirisamy. The orphanage has well maintained with separate residence halls for the boys and girls. There are about 40 boys and 30 girls in the orphanage. There are some college going senior students in the orphanage. The children go to public schools and are also tutored by the college going senior students. The orphanage has well equipped kitchen and a small temple. The children are fed three meals a day and well cared for. Day to Day work is assisted by some volunteers.

The Foundation urges patrons to visit the Orphanage on your next visit to Chennai and provide your feedback.