Youth have creative ways to raise funds. Youth can give lessons on any talent they have. Over the years kids have given tennis lessons and raised money for the Foundation. Chess lessons, music lessons, dance lessons etc.
For those who want to tutor to raise money for HELP Foundation. Here are some tips:
  1. Set a price per hour that you would like to charge for you tutoring session.
  2. Set up a GoFundMe link with HELP Foundation as the recipient.
  3. Make a flyer and publicize amongst your friends and social media.
  4. Have the student pay in the GoFundMe link prior to each session and then start tutoring. Since this a charity, they have the option to put 0 for the GoFundMe tip.

Gather some friends & decide how you want to fundraise and spread awareness.

Sharps Musicians is a club run by high school students in the Advanced Chamber Orchestra to help other students in their musical journey. These kids have an amazing drive and talent and doing this all for a great cause. Sign up for a 30min lesson with all proceeds going to HELP Foundation students. Contact Serena at or call 845-551-1637

Dec 200, 2020 through Jan 31, 2021


Workshop Registration and Schedule

Youth Tutoring Club in Scranton, PA HELP Foundation wants to thank the high school youth of Scranton, PA who have setup Online Tutoring Help offerring Math,English,Science,Social Studis, Java Basics and Fundamental Spanish/German for Grades 2-8. All proceeds go to support HELP Foundation students.