Valmiki Foundation, India

Valmiki foundation has been effectively working with the children for the rehabilitation and reintegration.

Mr. Surya Ganesh Valmiki, a venturesome man of strong determination and a sense of purpose embarked on establishing an organization to cater to the basic living needs of the disadvantaged sections of society, especially those who are in the darkness of desperation and dejection groping for a ray of hope of sustenance and existence in this world of heavy competition.

The trials and tribulations faced by his beloved father, Mr. V. Venkata Ramanappa who was also an orphan, in his infancy and adolescence strengthened Mr. Surya Ganesh's fervent desire to extend selfless service to those who are on the lower rungs of socio-economic ladder. He founded Valmiki Foundation (Registered under societies Registration Act 2001 in the year 2008, Regd No.398) with missionary zeal and zest to offer residential tutelage and parental succor to under privileged children, to help unemployed men and women eke out their livelihood by imparting necessary skill-training in different trades and professions to make them full-fledged professionals of acumen and expertise to withstand tremors of keen competition.

Valmiki Foundation Vision: Providing congenial and salubrious ambience for under-privileged to become poised and also to become literates. Providing subsistence avenues to unemployed poor young men and women.

The Valmiki Foundation has a team of committed young people, active leaders, generous philanthropists, versatile academicians and honorary advisors. The board of the foundation consists of spirited people with a firm conviction to the ideology of Mr.Ganesh Valmiki.

We are currently supporting 10 children at Valmiki Foundation.