Here is a video clip of the kids who got benefited from your donations. Please listen to them in their own words.

Here is the link for "In their Own Words" video.

Amit Burde, a sponsored child living in Balgram SAMPARC, Pune is now studying Commerce in the 12th grade. Tall and well built, he practices yoga every day. Even as a child, his ambition was to become a wrestler. Amit always has a smile on his face and gets along with everyone. He credits his positive attitude to the HELP Foundation.

Amit Kumar Banerjee,Founder and Director of Balgram SAMPARC, Pune believes that support from HELP Foundation has helped not only Amit Burde, but others like Shyamal, Sapna, Manisha and Fatima, who look forward to a bright, happy future. "SAMPARC provides a family environment with groups of 10 children living in a separate house or Balsadan with a Sadan Mata. The children celebrate national & cultural festivals with great patriotism and enthusiasm. Every year, during summer vacation, the children go for excursions. They are given special coaching in spoken English on a regular basis to be on par with others," he says.they can spread a spiritual fragrance wherever they are placed for the rest of their lives. The idea is that they should become cultured future citizens of the world, inculcating in them the spirit of Universal Love and Seva," says Brni. Vidya Chaitanyaji, Director of Chinmayaranyam (near Tirupati) sponsored by the HELP Foundation. Several children at the Foundation have succeeded into college. Nageswar Rao is studying electronics at an engineering college in Chittoor while Vijay Kumar has completed a bachelor's degree in computers. Others have opted to work like Prasad who is a shopkeeper in Bangalore, and Hari Krishna who owns a sweets and desserts kiosk.

Mrs. Jayani Verma of Lovedale Foundation, near Bangalore, is grateful to sponsors. She says, "We, the team of Lovedale Foundation, thank HELP Foundation for coming forward to partner us in ensuring that a large number of under-served children from marginalized sections of the society are not left out in the journey of progress on which we have embarked. I am so happy that HELP Foundation can play a powerful role in changing the environment of these children."

Mr. Ram Mani, a trustee at HELP Foundation, met some children on a visit to Sarada Sakthi Peetham in Thambaram, Chennai. Tenth graders Sridhar and Ram Kumar proudly displayed their first and second prizes for an Inter-School Quiz Competition, and ninth grader Sakthi won the first prize in an essay competition held by ICIT Tamil Organization. These children were sponsored by HELP Foundation.
"I am currently studying BE. I received Financial assistance throughout my schooling from the Foundation and I am very grateful to the donors. Today, I have a bright future," says Manikandan, a sponsored child from Sarada Sakthi Peetham. Anbarasan, a second year Medical Student at Coimbatore expresses his "heartfelt gratitude” to the donors at HELP Foundation.

Raja Pakkerisamy,the head of Sarada Sakti Peetam proudly says that without HELP Foundation's support, N. Desing would not be Hardware Engineer in Mark Marine Radio Engg Co in Mumbai.