Check out this video that shows some of the kids that your donations help sponsor

Hiren Masher (NJ), "A few years ago I was looking for an organization that helped the needy and underprivileged children of India. I found such an organization when I came to know about HELP Foundation. I was impressed with the goals of this foundation. These include 1) providing help to children regardless of their caste, creed or religion; 2) caring for the child until high school graduation and, most importantly, 3) keeping organization expenses low. To my surprise, 100% of donations are used to help the children."

Srinivas and Usha Amble (TX) have this to say about becoming sponsors:,"There are a number of institutions who are helping out in different ways. What sets one institution apart from the other is the trustworthiness of those who are running them. Knowing Sri Sankara Rao and Smt. Madhavi from the time we had moved to New Jersey made the difference. When they approached us to be part of the HELP Foundation, we felt blessed to be given this opportunity. Without any hesitation, we decided to take part. The foundation has kept us informed through the years regarding the child benefiting from our contribution. It gives us a sense of satisfaction that we are able to make a small difference in someone's life."

Dr. John and Miriam Kotsonis (NJ) are life sponsors who find joy in giving. According to them, "It's a magnificent organization, dedicated to the protection and care of poor and orphaned children - what can be more self-explanatory, or what can need less justification, than that? To quote a modern Saint, when asked why she had devoted her life to the care of the destitute, "I'm not helping the poor; I'm serving God in His infinite disguises..." We can see that HELP is doing just that with lots of love and humility but also skill. This is probably the most efficient charitable organization we've contribute to, with all the funds collected going to meet the children's needs. We can also speak from personal experience for the impeccable integrity of the Foundation's leaders. We are thankful for the opportunity to help others in this way and really hope that Rao and Madhavi and their partners in service are able to continue this wonderful work for many years."