The Lovedale Foundation Orphanage

Lovedale Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empower the education of under- privileged children since it's inception in 2001. Through the years Lovedale is a place where abandoned and disadvantaged children who have hereto experienced violence, fear, exploitation, are given shelter love and hope...hope for a bright, self-sufficient future. Lovedale imparts quality education and training in life skills to these children.

The motto of the organization is - that disadvantaged children can dream about a future once they get an education. The Bangalore City Police Commissioner's Office recognizes Lovedale Foundation's Children's Home as one of the preferred homes for orphaned and abandoned children.

The Lovedale Foundation is located in Kalyana Nagar in the outskirts of Bangalore. It is managed by Jenny, who has left her job in the airlines industry. Jenny's mother Ponnamma Mathews, who is a retired Principal of a Higher Secondary School, supports Jenny in the management.