The cost to support one orphan child is about Rs. 24,000 (about $350) per year. The child will be provided with food, shelter, clothing, education and quality healthcare until adulthood. Our goal is to make each child a useful and productive member of the society.
For less than a $1 a day , you can sponsor and change a child’s life. 100% of your donation will go to support the orphan and destitute children. No Board member or volunteer at HELP Foundation charges any fees for his or her time and services.
All of your donations are tax deductible. HELP will provide a receipt for tax purposes.

Grand/ Co-Grand Sponsor:

To provide perpetual support, the Foundation creates an endowment with $10,000 for each child. The money will be invested under the control of the Foundation, and the interest earned will be spent to support a child. We have put together a flexible program for your consideration.

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Annual Sponsor

You can become an annual sponsor with a $30 monthly donation or a one-time annual donation of $350.

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You can also donate any amount of your choice

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How does the Child Sponsorship work?

Supporting a new child implies HELP Foundation will create a child slot. A child enters the child slot and stays until completing the High School or College education. Once the child leaves, a new child will be admitted into the same slot. A child slot is a perpetual entity in which a child enters and leaves, and then a new child enters and leaves, and yet another new child enters and leaves as a continuous process.
HELP Foundation needs an endowment of $10,000 to create a child slot, since we have a moral obligation to support the admitted child until the child graduates from High School or College.
The return on the $10,000 invested provides the annual support money for one child. As of 2011, the annual amount to support a child is $300. The money is always kept in the USA under the control of HELP Foundation. When the return is more than $300, the additional money will be added to the principal amount of $10,000. Thus, the HELP Foundation requests the ashram or the orphanage management to accept a new child, when the Foundation has $10,000 for the child.

What can you expect?

As a Grand/ Co-Grand / Annual Sponsor you will receive via email, a picture of the child you sponsor with updated available biographical information each year.